web design

Web Design

We will help you design and develop a custom website for you or your business (small or big). Trust us, web design is not just about making a cute website, it’s about functionality, navigability, having a modern look (according to the trends), and a pro look that will highlight your business. 

We are ready to create a professional website for your business (informational or e-commerce website) and offer you additional services that you will find very useful once you enter this digital world. That’s why we also offer web hosting services, e-mail services, proofreading services (both in English and Spanish), and product photography services. And trust us on this last point, because you will want your product looking extra good once is online and displayed for the world to see.  

Professional Websites 

You must know by now that every serious business must have a professional website in order to be someone that exists. Don’t worry about it anymore, because we are ready to help you create an effective online presence and start building online credibility and reputation. You will witness how your brand becomes an incredibly professional website that will make competitors shiver. 

E-commerce websites: prepare to start selling online 

We will create an e-commerce website for you, that will help you manage your online store easily. Now you will be able to organize your products according to your stock, change the pictures and videos just by making a few friendly clicks. We will plan and develop a website, by using the latest technologies. Once the website is running, you will be able to manage it like a pro. But if you prefer it, we can take care of this managing process as well. 

Responsive Web Design and MobileWebsites

There are so many mobile devices in these modern times, that it’s pretty much impossible to create tons of specific websites that will work perfectly on every one of them. It will be too expensive and it will take way too long to design. But there is an easy solution for this and that is what “responsive” web design is all about. This is a way to create one single design that will fit all devices. This way you won’t lose a customer just because they couldn’t run your website on their smartphone. 

Let us create the perfect responsive website for you, and we guarantee you will be seen by everybody. 

Website Maintenance

Just remember that your website exists on a world that is changing by the second and proper changes and fixes (a little touch here and a little one over there) must be done all the time. We have a prepared maintenance and support crew that is ready to give your website those small touches when is needed. 

But don’t worry, you will be able to run some changes on your own. By using a content manager system (CMS) you will be able to access a dashboard (with a username and a password) to manage almost everything. This way you can change a lot without having to understand a single thing about programming.  Systems like WIX or Wordpress are the perfect tool for this matter.